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Posted on 19 September, 2016 at 15:00 Comments comments (0)

This is one of my favourite themes... combining a Midsummer Nights Dream with Celtic/Pagan earthiness; a colour mix of gold/bronze, browns and greens.

I love the images of satyrs and numphs so this was a good reason to bring them to life! My wonderful client (whom I have worked with for many years) wanted a 'hunting' aspect to the dancers' and human statues' hair, makeup, body art and costumes as well.

As I knew that Artemis/Diana was a Greco-Roman Goddess of Hunting I could use my stock gold hand made body armour (usually used for human statue gladiators or Roman legionaries) together with my leather and fur stole-skirts and micro-tops. I had made the leather bikini style tops for an African gig - so they worked perfectly. I also had some Bond golden bikinis which came in handy - and added to the 'goddess' look. I had picked up some lovely bias/tissue cut draped brown tops which always look etherial. Together with a couple of other see through skirts and a flowing real silk number - I could see that my nymphs would work!

My stock of 'armour' came in handy - along with newly spray painted bows and vintage hunting horns (found at a car boot sale!). I'm constantly on the look out for accessories such as the fabulous leather and antique bronze belts that were in a few years back... People discard these after the fashion has passed - so I just collect them up again as timeless/historical costume pieces! Result!

Deer & Stag Human Statue Accessories

If you can't get hold of a pair of very expensive Beats Antique style antlers for your performers - here's how to make your own:

I'm giving all my secrets away here - but hey... Pick up a pair of bendy, furry reindeer antlers on a head band. Cut holes in a wig, Poke the horns through and sew back up and sew the band to the wig too. Wrap thick duct tape around the horns, glue on witchiepoo faux finger tips (for spooky/spiky ends) and fully wind with brass picture wire. Spray gold and add some old necklaces or chains for shimmering interest. Voila! I had an old dark brown Amy Winehouse (GRHS) wig knocking around so for the female deer I placed that underneath for a long hair effect... Masks from The Works added the final touch of mystery... Christmas (or rather - late December) is always a great time for me to collect all my sparkly stuff! To be more precise - glittering Xmas decs! Superb for head-dresses and ivy nipple covers!

I (meaning my wonderful backstage team and I!) used Kryolan gold body liquid paint and brown face paints for the legs.

Airbrush Designs

Posted on 15 June, 2016 at 20:15 Comments comments (0)

I long resisted using an airbrush for body painting, temporary tattoos and T-shirt/tote bag creations. Why? Carrying around a large/heavy compressor and regularly having to clean out blocked airguns for a start. However - I have now (at last!) taken up this challenging artistic technology thanks to client demand. At parties and festivals my colleagues and I can swiftly write freehand 'names' or 'stencil' images. Designs can also be pre-done before the event. This creative service is massive in the States so I thought it was about time to offer it in the UK...

Small compressors are fine for small jobs - but if working solid for several hours - get a big one! To quickly change multiple colours you really need several airguns ('double action' Iwatas are recommended) with special 'quick-release' parts. Bottom feed with Createx/Wicked siphon bottles for large fabric/body work or top/cup feed for smaller jobs. A stack of stencils are required too. This is a considerable outlay and the detailed cleaning needed for your tools/kit would impress any surgeon or military officer! (take note family members!)

For T-shirt work - an assistant for each artist is a MUST. Needed to take orders, quickly change Ts on boards, hang them up, clean regularly used stencils/airbrushes and sort out tools/kit.

H&S: Maybe use a wrist support for long usage. Always spray cleaner through your airgun into an enclosed bottle - or wear a mask/have ventilation. It can be backbreaking and exhausting... (like face painting - believe it or not). Yes - that's right! You wouldn't think so, would you? If you work continuously for hours without a break you can get the usual creative 'brain-warp' from concentration and intense focus.

Contact me if you'd like to join our party airbrushing crew... Laura x

Mask Making for Different Theme Looks

Posted on 4 March, 2016 at 19:55 Comments comments (0)

I have made many different full face masks for our Mystique Masquerade meet and greet characters; here are a few...  I spray painted plain, papier mache, mask bases and added the features and embelishments on top. You can get so many theme looks from the same mask - by just adding different wigs, head-dresses, costumes and accessories. These are all for sale along with their costumes. Workshops are available too.




North African/Middle Eastern

Eighteenth Century


Fire Carnival

Ice Maiden

Poinsettia Ladies

Vintage Usherette & Hostess Total Look Styling by Laura Millar

Posted on 9 October, 2015 at 11:00 Comments comments (1)

My agency has many stock mix and match retro usherette and hostess costumes. I particularly like red, black, and hot pink for impact.

For 30's to 50's Vintage hair I go for a slick, French pleat or victory rolls. For make up I love that Dita Von Teese look; pale skin, red lips, black liquid eye liner next to false side lashes.

Below these gorgeous model hostesses were booked to assist at large charity ball auction at Grosvenor House. Kylie Minogue was performing that night for VIP clients...

I make bespoke trays (except for the one here) using coloured ribbons on spray painted wooden bases.

The bathing suits were designed to give a Grace Kelly meets Betty Grable image... The gig was attended by high profile clients and Royalty so my instructions were to create 'classy' not 'brassy'! I hope you think I achieved it!

For bespoke costumes/hair/make up I always draw several sketches and email them to the client for choice. I always strive to make an event manager's vision become a reality. It's so rewarding having thrilled clients.

Very Betty Grable!

Oriental Body Art & Total Look Styling by Laura Millar

Posted on 9 October, 2015 at 7:05 Comments comments (0)

I have produced many Japanese geisha and Chinese concubine looks. With this theme - our models are usually asked to serve sushi, saki or wine at intimate private dinner parties and larger theme events. They make enchanting meet and greet hostesses - posing with guests for photos during Reception.

For a Chinese New Year celebrarion I asked a talented colleague to join me for working this oriental duo below (I won't take credit for painting that fabulous green dragon! I just art directed that image). One of my favourite jobs was working on the beautiful model where I used many pastel coloured body jewels for flowers - finished off by 'double-dip' brush work plus black flicks to represent pointed leaves. Silk flowers, butterflies and chop sticks were added to the girls' top knots.

Red and black colours plus delicate blossoms are synonymous with the orient and the elegant geishas of Kyoto. So for other amazing gigs in central London I opted to use these for the painting and costume accessories.

I usually draw quick designs (below) and email them off to clients so that they can get a better idea of the imagery before they book myself, my assistants/colleagues and models.

Glue silk flowers to chopsticks... Accessories like fans and umbrellas make the style.

I was again Creative Director for this East-meets-West troupe. A great team effort with skilled colleagues and patient models. I supplied all the accessories; the red back cloths were actually stiff table runners!

Body Art and Total Look Styling workshops are available.

These Chinese Concubines were body painted to my designs by my wonderful team for a VIP birthday party at China Tang in The Dorchester, Mayfair, London. I started with the hair (huge hair pieces attached to top knots - with gold chop sticks decorated with butterflies). My colleagues then started working on the make up and finally bodies.

We mixed matt white and a pearl brightness by Kryolan to get a smooth (non-chalky) finish. The designs on top in red were airbrushed as well as done by hand. Touches of gold were added. I finished them off with hints of black shadow and a few body jewels... All were sprayed with fixative as we needed to keep the paint in tact for several hours. Finally I decorated the girls with earrings and hair jewellery for a sumptuous, imperial look. 

Face Art by Laura Millar

Posted on 25 September, 2015 at 13:40 Comments comments (0)

I just love painting faces - but especially 'face art' for teens and young people. Children enjoy having full or half faces but I get many requests from youths and adults - where I need to produce something a little more grown-up. So a small, swirling side design around the temple and cheek area is perfect for a festival or clubbing look. For blokes and edgy girls I tend to go for plain black tribal/south seas designs - often with day glow/UV highlights.

It always helps to have great looking faces - so thanks goes out to these customers for enhancing my work!

Body Painted Corsets by Laura Millar

Posted on 25 September, 2015 at 13:00 Comments comments (0)

Above - Retro French Maid body painting. My colleagues and I (4 in total) each worked on a model/hostess. I made the head-dresses and micro-aprons. They served wine at a stunning private dinner party.

I always pay attention to the vintage style accessories to finish off the look.

These corsets all still need a grey shadow to be added to give the designs more of a 3D effect...


This ballerina blue body painted corset still needs shading and stitching details; it matched the client's eyes. She was off to a risque ball!

These twins were painted by my two colleagues and myself (to my design) for Simon Cowell's 50th birthday bash. The faux 'diamond' chokers and cuffs were crafted from body jewels and latticed with glitter paste to give a 'realistic' jewellery effect. They took so long... perhaps I just should have used costume jewellery! Well... I like a challenge! The nipple covers were hand made by moi and again enhanced with glitter paste (from a cone). Again, shadow needs to be added.

I have produced many of these for clients; a real favourite. I can include logos, initials and corporate colours to make them bespoke.

Golden Goddess Body Painting & Styling

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Exotic Golden Goddess Body Painting & Total Look Styling (by Laura Millar)

One of my enduring favourites when it comes to body painting and total look styling is 'the golden girl'! It evokes exotic scenes of the orient and all its splendid fantasy...

The photos here are of lovely model Carla (it helps if you have a fit canvas!) with my design for an Art Deco Oriental Dancing Girl (based upon gold/brass/bronze statues from that era).

The venue was MODE (Westbourne Park) in London. My human/living statue was commissioned for a stunning 1920's 50th birthday party.

I have also used this style for Indian events/venues, other London clubs, Greco-Roman corporate parties at 5* hotels abroad and for private 18th birthday celebrations.

As I wonder around shops and go online - I delight in picking up elements for this look.
Here sre some trade secrets:
  • Nipple covers from an Asian haberdashery shop (I have also made my own from twisting a string of sequins around a cone shape...
  • Table runners to use as drapery...
  • Body jewels, brushes and stencils from craft shops...
  • Body glitter paste cones (Southall/Ebay) plus body paint (Covent Garden/Body Art websites)...
  • Brass costume jewellery from charity shops and car boot sales...
  • Christmas tree decorations to use as necklaces...
  • Gold sprayed floral pieces/leaves for creating a twisted garland head-dress...
  • Beaded belly dancing/samba belts...
Keep a stock of micro G-strings and double sided boob tape!

If you would like to do a body painting/body art workshop and go on the agency books do get in touch...
(I often employ/pay ex-students to assist me at gigs)

I also have a fine selection of patient models/dancers who are happy to get painted and pose.
Drop me an email with suitable pics and vital stats if you'd like to be considered.

[email protected]  +44 (0)7770 991 390

The Ancient Art of Beauty

Posted on 19 September, 2015 at 15:30 Comments comments (3)

Ancient Beauty & Body Art   (by Laura Millar) 

(The photos are of my henna designs based upon tattoos from an ancient oriental Princess)

I have collected and collated many wonderful historical images, recipes/lotions/potions plus techniques/beauty/make up/body art skills.

I can display a lovely set of decorative pots/presentation vessels from the earliest times up to 1800AD.

These are ideal to use for workshops/presentations as they are interactive and demonstrate the art of beauty in a practical, tactile way.

Participants are encouraged to make up some of the recipes and try out the products.


Body Art of Celtic & Euro-Tribal Peoples

North African & Silk Route Styles

Tribal Tattoo Images/Meanings

Beauty from The Harem & Hammam

How Early European Fashion Adopted & Adapted Ancient Oriental Products

Henna - History, Global Designs, Recipes & Application Techniques

Ancient Central & South American Body Art Practices

Global Tattoo Styles

Hand outs are available to workshop participants. Do get in touch if you would like more information:

[email protected]   +44 (0)7770 991 390