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Split Palette Bird of Paradise

Now that we can hear the birdsong more clearly here are a few inspirational one stroke/split palette pics for Bird of Paradise theme body art. I did this look for a freshers week uni party... They wanted a bird of paradise body painted model for selfie ops... High quality Diamond FX is a must for black/white but I made my own Snazaroo large round split palettes for this gig - which worked a treat... You can then use a wide 1.5-2cm flat brush for application... I learnt my split palette/one stroke techniques online years ago... I am now offering virtual learning to students... You really don't have to be in a studio face to face...

Below are some lycra/feather cirque trapaze artist Bird of Paradise costumes that I designed for a big VIP gig in Central London at a top hotel... Amazing what goes on in a ballroom! I had the four-way stretch leotards made up to my specification (I enjoyed picking out the amazing fabric) - then I added all the cut/feathered fabric to the arms (wings) and mixed feather boas to the back (tails). I made the collars separately, from haberdashery feathers stitched onto bias binding tape. I face painted the performers before putting on their bespoke masks and head-dresses.

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