Exclusively Themed

Production & Performing Arts Total Look Styling & Workshops . Pamper Party & Mobile Spa Services

We have creative services for small children to young adults - plus arts workshops for family fun days.

Bespoke Costumes for Entertainers

Let us know the theme of your party and we can book a unique costumed entertainer to match. They'll run your whole party (if desired) or can purely do various skills while you keep control. 2 - 3 hrs is the usual time-frame.

Kids Face, Hair, Nails & Body Art Services

Many of our artists are multi-skilled so you can have a mix of face painting, temp tattoos, mini-makeovers, hair wrapping and nail art. You can pick and choose what you would like according to your budget and the time-frame. From palaces to suburban back gardens - we'll happily cover every event - large or small.

Interactive Arts Workshops

Keep your children occupied by having them join in with an activity, encouraging them to create a make-up look or a crafts project.