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Total Look Styling

Mobile & Online/Virtual Training

Creating a top-to-toe image for performers...

Makeup - Mobile & Online/Virtual Tuition

Our professional make up artists are multi-skilled so they can also teach themed face and body painting. 

Hair/Wigs - Mobile or Online/Virtual Tuition

Our professional stylists will teach you how to create sophisticated looks or fantasy hair for performers/actors. From simple, slick buns to crazy, cat walk avant garde styles...

Costume Design - Mobile or Online/Virtual Tuition

We have created and styuled hundreds of wonderful costumes. We're known for our head-to-toe themed outfits and swift design service...




“Having worked with Laura and her company - Exclusively Themed - over many years, I can highly recommend her as one of the most professional and competent creative suppliers at the top of her game. Not only is she incredibly artistically talented, she has a great ability to keep calm and keep everything moving forward, even under time pressure when everyone else is getting stressed around her. She makes sure performers are perfectly costumed and styled, in place and ready! Her attention to detail and getting the theme looking just right is always spot on. 


Charlly - Creative Director, Flow Fuzion


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