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Vintage Usherette & Hostess Total Look Styling by Laura Millar

My agency has many stock mix and match retro usherette and hostess costumes. I particularly like red, black, and hot pink for impact.

For 30's to 50's Vintage hair I go for a slick, French pleat or victory rolls. For make up I love that Dita Von Teese look; pale skin, red lips, black liquid eye liner next to false side lashes.

Below these gorgeous model hostesses were booked to assist at large charity ball auction at Grosvenor House. Kylie Minogue was performing that night for VIP clients...

I make bespoke trays (except for the one here) using coloured ribbons on spray painted wooden bases.

The bathing suits were designed to give a Grace Kelly meets Betty Grable image... The gig was attended by high profile clients and Royalty so my instructions were to create 'classy' not 'brassy'! I hope you think I achieved it!

For bespoke costumes/hair/make up I always draw several sketches and email them to the client for choice. I always strive to make an event manager's vision become a reality. It's so rewarding having thrilled clients.

Very Betty Grable!

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