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The Ancient Art of Beauty

Ancient Beauty & Body Art (by Laura Millar)

(The photos are of my henna designs based upon tattoos from an ancient oriental Princess)

I have collected and collated many wonderful historical images, recipes/lotions/potions plus techniques/beauty/make up/body art skills.

I can display a lovely set of decorative pots/presentation vessels from the earliest times up to 1800AD.

These are ideal to use for workshops/presentations as they are interactive and demonstrate the art of beauty in a practical, tactile way.

Participants are encouraged to make up some of the recipes and try out the products.


Body Art of Celtic & Euro-Tribal Peoples

North African & Silk Route Styles

Tribal Tattoo Images/Meanings

Beauty from The Harem & Hammam

How Early European Fashion Adopted & Adapted Ancient Oriental Products

Henna - History, Global Designs, Recipes & Application Techniques

Ancient Central & South American Body Art Practices

Global Tattoo Styles

Hand outs are available to workshop participants. Do get in touch if you would like more information: +44 (0)7770 991 390

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