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Oriental Body Art & Total Look Styling by Laura Millar

I have produced many Japanese geisha and Chinese concubine looks. With this theme - our models are usually asked to serve sushi, saki or wine at intimate private dinner parties and larger theme events. They make enchanting meet and greet hostesses - posing with guests for photos during Reception.

For a Chinese New Year celebrarion I asked a talented colleague to join me for working this oriental duo below (I won't take credit for painting that fabulous green dragon! I just art directed that image). One of my favourite jobs was working on the beautiful model where I used many pastel coloured body jewels for flowers - finished off by 'double-dip' brush work plus black flicks to represent pointed leaves. Silk flowers, butterflies and chop sticks were added to the girls' top knots.

Red and black colours plus delicate blossoms are synonymous with the orient and the elegant geishas of Kyoto. So for other amazing gigs in central London I opted to use these for the painting and costume accessories.

I usually draw quick designs (below) and email them off to clients so that they can get a better idea of the imagery before they book myself, my assistants/colleagues and models.

Glue silk flowers to chopsticks... Accessories like fans and umbrellas make the style.

I was again Creative Director for this East-meets-West troupe. A great team effort with skilled colleagues and patient models. I supplied all the accessories; the red back cloths were actually stiff table runners!

Body Art and Total Look Styling workshops are available.

These Chinese Concubines were body painted to my designs by my wonderful team for a VIP birthday party at China Tang in The Dorchester, Mayfair, London. I started with the hair (huge hair pieces attached to top knots - with gold chop sticks decorated with butterflies). My colleagues then started working on the make up and finally bodies.

We mixed matt white and a pearl brightness by Kryolan to get a smooth (non-chalky) finish. The designs on top in red were airbrushed as well as done by hand. Touches of gold were added. I finished them off with hints of black shadow and a few body jewels... All were sprayed with fixative as we needed to keep the paint in tact for several hours. Finally I decorated the girls with earrings and hair jewellery for a sumptuous, imperial look.

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