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Kids Face Painting & Party Entertainer Training
Mobile & Online Workshops
We teach professional creative services to adults for kids parties

Total Look Styling for Parties

Mobile & Online Training

We can teach you Total Look Styling (hair/make-up/costume/face and body art) if you're a kids party performer - for yourself as well as for guests. We can train you to be a professional face painter and kids party organiser. In need of a fabulous costume? We have them for sale.

Kids Face, Hair, Nails & Arm Art Services

Mobile & Online Tuition

Become multi-skilled, so that you can offer a mix of face painting, temp tattoos, mini-makeovers, hair wrapping and nail art. You can pick and choose what you would like to learn according to your budget and time-frame. From palaces to suburban back gardens - we've covered every event - so understand your client needs.

Interactive Arts 

Mobile & Online Workshops

Learn to keep children occupied by having them join in with an activity, encouraging them to create a (safe/non-toxic) make-up/temporary body art look or a craft project.