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Face & Body Art
This is one of our most sought after requests. When I was at art college I never thought I'd be using the human body as a canvas!

Temporary Tattoos

We constantly get asked to provide

our metallic, matt, sparkle, pearl, glitter, UV temporary tattooists (tattoos lasting 3 days) and 

henna artists (natural, safe, products). They're very popular with all age groups and sexes. 

Workshops available.


Body Painting

Our body painters are always in high demand and have travelled the globe. We pay attention to every detail and provide all the theme accessories. Get us to paint serving staff for meeting and greeting. 


Face Painting & Face Art

This can be for full/semi-facial coverage or as a delicate 'side design' around the eye, temple and cheek bone. Our fantasy face art is as popular as ever with all age groups.

Workshops available.