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Face & Body Art - Mobile & Online Training / Virtual Learning

This is one of our most sought after requests. When I was at art college I never thought I'd be using the human body as a canvas! Let me teach you how...

Total Look Styling for Parties

Mobile & Online Training

We can teach you Total Look Styling (hair/make-up/costume/face and body art) if you're a kids party performer - for yourself as well as for clients. We can train you to be a professional face painter and professional kids party organiser.

Kids Face, Hair, Nails & Arm Art - 

Mobile & Online Tuition

Become multi-skilled, so that you can offer a mix of face painting, temp tattoos, mini-makeovers, hair wrapping and nail art. You can pick and choose what you would like to learn according to your budget and time-frame. From palaces to suburban back gardens - we've covered every event - so understand your client needs.

Interactive Arts

Mobile & Online Workshops

Learn to keep children occupied by having them join in with an activity, encouraging them to create a (safe/non-toxic) make-up/temporary body art look or a craft project.

Laura has always been my go to person for any face/body painters plus other more unusual requests. I always feel reassured, even if she won’t be attending the event in person, as she only suppliers top notch artists. So rest assured, you are always in great hands working with Laura and her team."

Charlly - Creative Director, Flow Fuzion

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