Exclusively Themed

Production & Performing Arts Total Look Styling & Workshops . Pamper Party & Mobile Spa Services

Chill Out & Festival Face & Body Art Services
Stepping away from the dance-floor and the dining area - relax and unwind with our artistic and pamper offerings in a peaceful lounge area. To set the ambience we can also arrange for live background music and shisha pipes plus tea.

Harem Hamman Pamper Services

Have a massage or your nails done by one of our beauty therapists. Ethnic hand-washing with orange-blossom, rose water and argan oil products... Listen to our live, ethnic background musicians while you're waiting (all in costume). Sip Turkish Apple or Moroccan Mint tea during your treatment...

Temp Tattoos . Henna . Oriental Face Art

Have a temporary tattoo. Our matt, pearl and glitter 3-day designs are a big favourite with all age groups. Ladies love the delicate bindi-body jewel face art. Very popular at festivals.