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Arts Awards
We have many arts award workshops (both nationally accredited and non-accredited) to suit 11-25 year olds. Many of our 'students' have graduated onto our agency books and worked alongside us in a professional capacity at events.

Skills Workshops

We can run different length workshop sessions at your school/centre. On-going classes/after school clubs/training programmes.

See options for modules below.

Arts Awards (Creative Workshops)

Held in S E London and The Solent.

Bronze - 13-14 yrs - equivalent low GCSE Cert

Silver - 15-16 yrs - equivalent GCSE Cert

Gold - 17-25 yrs - equivalent A Level Cert

(Accredited Arts Award Cert)

Platinum - 18 yrs + Professional Level Cert

(our own Accredited post Arts Award Cert)

Workshop Modules/Options

  • Costume & Accessory Design
  • Body Art: Temporary Tattoos & Henna
  • Fantasy & Historical Total Look Styling
  • Oriental Cirque & Performance Prop Making
  • Ancient Beauty Practices & Body Adornment
  • Performance Make-Up & Special Effects
  • Kids Entertainer Image & Skills
  • Theatrical Performance & Total Look Styling