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Laura Millar's Blog

Laura Millar's Blog

Container Quandary

Posted on 12 February, 2018 at 13:35

So... You're on a make-up job in Central London and you need to leave in rush hour. (Hell!) You have to walk to an overground station, take a train (no seats!) to a central station - get off - walk down long, packed tunnels and up stairs - catch a tube after waiting aaaaages (still no seats!) - get off - walk down more long tunnels - change lines again - up stairs - out to a busy street - walking miles to the venue (because you want to save on the cab fare!)... Sound familiar to anyone?! You've done all this lifting and dragging a HUGE, HEAVY make-up bag (or two!).

You're desparate to ditch some kit and rescue your tired, strained arms and shoulders... Let's focus on pressed powder palletes (eyes/cheeks) versus singles...


High Quality Plastic Multi-Pressed Powder Palettes - They look smart and professional, quick to open/close... but wait... why on earth do you need a weighty mirror on some of those top brands? I can't stand it when half the colours in a palette are wonderful and you use them all the time - but the other half are 'pants'! Grrr! What a waste of space... (mind you - I do love all the shades in this Kryolan palette above - and the order in which they've arranged them!). It can also drive you mad when one or two crack and disintergrate - contaminating the others with powder! You'll just have to re-fill with the same brand if you can.


Z-Palettes for Powder Singles - They're lightweight - with no mirror. But I guess more vulnerable... I really like to choose my own palette mixes as I have plenty of 'single' shadow favourites from a wide variety of brands... But without 'gaps' between the colours, they easily get 'blurred' into one another and you end up swiping a neighbouring colour by mistake... One false move and it's disaster! They can also look a bit of a mess and 'hap-hazard' if not all the same size. They're magnetic - so you can create your own gaps like the bright pink sample above.

Plastic Case Powder Singles in Transparent Bags/Boxes - You may always choose to put in a few stand-out colours in your kit alongside those palettes - but do they really weigh more than your palettes - shadow for shadow? I actually like to keep them neatly and safely wrapped up in their own packaging... I buy lots of transparent bags/containers (Wilko/Asda pencil cases, Range flat plastic boxes or Superdrug bag trios - ALL SEE-THRU so you can clearly see every product at a glance). I like all my zips matching in black too - for a professional image. Put all your matching 'shades' together and even separate 'pearls' and 'matts' - so they look super slick and thoroughly organised. Anything that also saves you time on a job - so you're not constantly rummaging in opaque containers - is a must.

Bespoke Empty Palettes for a mix of Shadows of your choice (with gaps!) - Now I'm really interested! I'm so fussy about my colours and what order they go in - I just want to make up my own palette! (I'm a complete make-up geek!!!! I know!!!).


I actually weighed Kryolan palettes (with mirrors that I never use on the inside lids) and found out the following:


15 medium shadow palette 375g

5 small shadow palette 75g

3 medium shadow palette 75g


15 medium shadow singles 250g

5 small shadow singles 50g

3 medium shadow singles 75g

These weights are all approximate (as the contents are not exactly the same - but you get the idea...). If the mirrors were taken out of the multi-shadow palettes then maybe they would be the same weight as the singles...

While we're on the subject of palettes... You can really save a ton of weight by decanting your favourite lipstick shades into a false nail or engineering parts segmented box. Get a top branded one (Kryolan, Mac, etc.) if you don't mind splashing the cash...

H&S Tip: Put date stickers on the base, underneath each shade, so that you know each colour's expiry date...

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