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Event Etiquette & Personal Makeover Guidance
Learn to gain confidence in private and corporate event situations. Let our experts help you to wind your way through any social occasion with ease. Attend parties looking sophisticated and making a lasting, positive impression.

Total Look Styling Makeovers

Feel smart from head-to-toe when you attend a variety of social events. Understand how to tie a black tie, what to wear for Ascot, a shooting party and other high profile social occasions. Our professional make up artists, hair stylists and dressers can transform you and teach you image skills along the way.

Social Confidence & Modern manners

Train up in the art of good conversation, listening to others and delivering a cracking speech. Learn which cutlery/flatware to use (in order) and which way to pass the port. Understand which glass is meant for which drink and how to light a cigar. 

Elocution/Diction/Voice Coaching/Body Language

Improve your social profile by the way that you speak and hold yourself. Actors learn these skills and now you can too. From getting to grips with grammar to softening an accent (Skype service) - we can help.